Will Work for Brainfood

Someone recently told me that they thought I might be overqualified for a job that I am really interested in. I started thinking about what this means. Taking into consideration the rapidly changing face of the business I'm in – advertising – I wonder if there is really any such thing as "overqualified". No matter how much experience you have in one aspect of the industry, we are all currently riding a rapid learning curve. Social media is reshaping the way we think about reaching our audiences. Invention and possibility is the name of the game.

Experience can be really beneficial in this market. It makes the basics a no-brainer so all your attention can be focused on the most important thing – having a creative epiphany. Here's a for instance. I'm an art director, and a thorough knowledge of production – both digital and print – means that I won't have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make something look good on screen or print right. So, I have more time freed up to do the creative concepting part of the job. And we all know that without a great idea behind it, no matter how slick or beautiful the work is, it won't do the job.

I have a friend who's in a band. I once asked him if it was boring having to play the same songs over and over again. He said no. That each successive show was more fun because the songs became so familiar that he didn't have to think about how to play them anymore, and he could just relax and enjoy and be free to make that night's performance his best. It's kind of like that. A brain trained to concept knows how to ignite that creative spark more easily than one that is just learning the process. It's "been there and done that" and so leaps ahead to make new connections.

Of course, keeping up with the current pace of change can be challenging. But there is a trick – foster curiosity. Be open to change and always look at things like you are seeing them for the first time. Stay hungry for the next new idea. Maybe that's why I enjoy listening to alternative music so much – there's always a new, undiscovered sound waiting to be heard. It's the same thing with new ideas. You just have to open your brain to them.

Eduard Kachan | Dreamstime.com</strong>